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It works, but it’s not done right.


Very were no leaks, but the repair job is obviously not done by a plumber. Is that worth keeping in mind as you look at the rest of the house? Can you expect to find more issues? Should I look closely at the electrical now as well? Yes!!

Yes, it’s good for now.

But the reverse slope means the pipe is slowly getting full of muck. It will clog up eventually, and probably over and over again. So how does that information help the home owner. At the very least, it’s not a surprise, you know exactly why this is happening. Get the plumber to fix this so it never becomes an emergency.

when it is used in a fire separation wall. Drywall tape serves as a sealant to keep smoke and fire from spreading to adjacent units. Now it has become a critical component, it’s doesn’t have to look beautiful, but it has to be effective.

Verystrong stair case. Solidly built. Will last for years, but can you spot the safety concern with this staircase? Anyone who has little children living with them or visiting them should really consider closing those gaps.

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