Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Home inspector's Association BC (HIABC)?

What we Inspect?

All Exterior, including :

                  Retaining walls,

                  Perimeter Drainage,

                  Tree and shrub impact,

                  Wild life / Rodent  Activity,



Roof system including:

                  Shingles / Tiles / Roll roofing,

                 All roof penetrations,



                 Estimate the age and  remaining life of components,


                 All stairs and railings,

                Doors and windows,

                Floor coverings

                Ceilings ( evidence of current or old water leaks),

                Electrical outlets

                Basic check for appliances,




                Furnace / Heating system and heat distribution,

                Air conditioning system,

                HRV if installed,

                Radiant floor heating if installed,



               Pipe material and if it is of concern.

               Water Heater,

               Faucets and Drains,

               Moisture / Leaks


               Outlets for polarity and integrity,

               Main service panel,

               Wiring size where visible,





               Water ingress,

               Crawl space,


Garage and carport.

Thermal Imaging:

              Basic thermal imaging and inspection of all exterior walls and interior ceilings. 


What we do not inspect?

Since it is not your house yet, I will have to respect the current owner and his property so it limits how intrusive I can be.

We do not Inspect:


                Hot tub,


               Unattached storage shed,


Mould Testing?

Not at this time.

Radon Testing?

Radon testing is a very specialized process and should be done over a period of 30 days for best results.

Here is the link for more information: